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There’s no denying the obvious: the consumption of media has changed. With the advent of the internet, social media and a multitude of news channels pumping out information to the masses as it happens, it’s easy to see why print media is often overlooked. Consumers want information ‘now’ and they want it for free. 

So while consumer titles battle it out for readership numbers and advertising revenue, B2B publications are quietly kicking goals by delivering real value to readers with a vested interest in a particular subject. 

Targeted audience

B2B magazines talk directly to your customer. These customers are driven to learn, become more efficient and ensure they achieve ROI. 

So, if you want your message to be heard by the decision makers in your industry, you need to land it in their laps, so to speak. And the best part about magazines is the lack of distractions.  Pop ups, dodgy connections and Facebook Messenger don’t belong here. 

Trustworthy & reliable

There’s something about print that readers trust. Perhaps it’s the fact that real journalists write the content and a real editor ensures it’s accurate and relevant. On the flipside, we can all be bloggers. Even that snotty 12 year-old down the street who kicks your bin over every Monday after school. 

Credibility goes a long way when it comes to marketing and media consumption. 

Similarly, an advertisement paid for in a respected print publication holds more weight than a banner ad or pop up paid to appear on any old website. 

Just think about how many of these you avoid on a daily basis when trying to read an article or watch a video online. 


Like books, magazines provide a far more tangible experience for readers. Being able to hold something in your hands and flip actual pages provides the perfect platform for readers to block the outside world out and fully immerse themselves in the content. 

The truth is, when people pick up a B2B magazine, especially one that focuses on a niche subject, they’re fully engaged. 

Long lasting

Unlike pop ups and banner ads which seemingly disappear as soon as the next campaign begins, print ads remain. And they remain for as long as the magazine is passed around to other interested readers. How’s that for ROI?

Digital crossover

For those who simply can’t overlook digital (and let’s be honest, there’s plenty), the good news is, the majority of printed mags also make their way to a digital platform in the form of a flip book. 

That means your ad does too. 

So, if you’re looking for a different medium to promote your business or service, going ‘old school’ and making your mark in ink might just leave that lasting impression.