Plumbing Connection has maintained its position as the leading independent technical publication for the professional plumbing industry for over 30 years.

Change across the industry is constant and it is to the plumbing professionals distinct advantage to know what is happening by way of Code updates/interpretation, how new technology works, smart ways to work onsite and how to improve the running of a plumbing business.


For over 30 years, the magazine has been the primary source of technical content for the industry – developing targeted content to help industry grow, to educate the plumbing professional, and to interpret the changing regulatory and technological environment.

During this time, we have established a reputation for credibility and reliability for independent content development.  We uncover and interpret information that helps our readers be more efficient and aware of key issues in the market.

WEBSITE caters for the plumbing industry. The site fills the much needed hole between the quarterly editions of the magazine and provides the industry with a single point for keeping up to date with press and product releases.

We regularly receive industry and product news which doesn’t meet our quarterly print publishing schedules – the website offers a unique environment to disseminate this information to our active audience of industry professionals.

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The Plumbing Connection e-Newsletter provides a powerful communication medium for our opt-in audience of plumbing industry professionals.

Delivered fortnightly, the e-Newsletter provides a valuable update about industry news and product releases, while filling the important communication gap between the quarterly publication of the sister magazine.


Our monthly video update provides the industry with a quick overview of key issues confronting the market.  It is developed to be a regular touch point for the industry to keep abreast of industry news.

Plumbing TV is also a service aimed at giving marketers an opportunity to distribute their video content to our important audience of engaged plumbing professionals.

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This is the official podcast for the trade publications Building Connection, Electrical Connection and Plumbing Connection.

Here we share news updates, interviews with industry experts and discussions about each of those industries.

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